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JTN Z2 5

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The JTN Z2 5 Night Vision Scope is one of the all around best multi functional night vision monocular available. Head or helmet mounted, the JTN Z2 5 allows the user to retain their night adapted vision in one eye while viewing their surroundings through the illuminated eyepiece of the JTN Z2 5. The new battery housing completes the perfect package by allowing the user to power off the unit when in an upright position and power on when flipped down.

Another strength is its ability to be weapon mounted behind most collimated daylight aimers and Reflex sights such as the ACOG, Aimpoint and EO Tech systems. This allows the user the ability to use their JTN Z2 5 both as a night vision monocular for increased mobility and tactical awareness and as a short range weapon sight.





64-72 lp/mm


21.1 (minimum)


1800 (minimum)
Manual Gain Control? YES
Autogated? YES
Magnification 1X
Objective Lens 27mm, f1.2
Maximum Range 400+ yards
Close-up Distance 10-inches
Field of View (FOV), Angular 40°
FOV, Linear (at max range) 291+ yards
Eye Relief 12 mm
Dioptre Adjustment, D -3
Battery Type 1-AA
Battery Life, IR-off / IR-on 60 / 50 hours
Low Battery Indicator? YES
IR Illuminator Power Indicator? YES
Autogated? YES
Manual Gain Control? YES
IR Illuminator 810nm, covert
IR Illuminator Power Indicator? YES
Low Battery Indicator? YES
Tripod mount ¼ inch