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CARRIER Dry Bag with Double Strap

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CARRIER Dry Bag by Esterrno is a lightweight, waterproof backpack. Secure your valuables while paddling, jogging in the rain, or commuting through town, and protect electronics during all your aquatic adventures. Built with tough, PVC-free polyurethane and featuring a quick, easy-to-use double closure system, the Esterrno CARRIER Dry Bag provides maximum submersible waterproof protection up to ten feet. The CARRIER Dry Bag features a slim, low profile, and the textured bar provides a sturdy and comfortable handheld grip without the bulk. With streamlined lash points and a reliable breakaway lanyard, you can trust the CARRIER Dry Bag by Esterrno whether you're paddling a river, sailing a bay, hiking a trail, or working the yard.